Comparisons of the dollar around the world

Comparisons of the dollar around the world

Being an inveterate traveler can lead you to face many realities and one of them is the culture and economy of each country you visit. The dollar is an international currency that allows us to establish equivalence for valuing the cost of living and knowing that it is convenient to remain in that population or go to another place according to needs.

Making a comparison of this currency in different parts of the world can be very interesting and sometimes even without an apparent logic, but everything has an explanation. Being able to buy relevant things with a dollar can be quite an adventure and be very fun.

Knowing that some part of the world can buy a kilo of sugar but that in others you can buy a property, it does not have any logic if you do not have background information. That fast food chains can have so different prices between a country and others that if they were invested they would be incomparable.


Establishing comparisons through food can help us to locate ourselves much better, because they are more common elements for everyone. For example in Latin countries like Argentina you can buy 2 loaves for a dollar, but in Peru you can buy 6 loaves of the same style.

With a dollar you can have a coffee in El Salvador, Panama and Guatemala. In contrast, to drink a soft drink with this currency you must be in Spain, Bolivia and Uruguay. In China you can eat a ration of eight dumplings for less than a dollar. In China, Vietnam and India you can find a large amount of food for less than a dollar.

Real Estate

You will be surprised that Italy can buy a house for a little more than a dollar. It is not a fallacy, when the owners leave those abandoned properties the authorities can sell them to improve the percentage of less populated cities and towns.

Can you imagine that you can have a house in Italy ?, just by investing one dollar. Claro will need remodeling due to its abandonment conditions. A dream house in the Ligurian, Sicily, Piedmont and Abruzzo villages.

Other things

In this expensive world it seems incredible that you can buy something relevant with a dollar. But the answer is that if, in addition to food, and properties in towns in Italy, you also get to buy second-hand clothes.

This type of product is very popular, and helps many low-income people get clothing. However, if you travel to those countries where second-hand clothes are good you can bring very beautiful and fashionable things back to homes, to show off with your acquaintances.

Compare the same product in the places you visit can give you an idea of ​​how your economy will be and helps you organize your budget. In Costa Rica you can pay for an urban ticket, in Peru two tickets and four bus tickets. But in Venezuela you can fill your car’s gas tank, for less than that.