The rudder for immigrants

The rudder for immigrants

The dollar is the only currency that can give guidance to any immigrant around the world. He who moves from his country of origin leaving behind his life to establish in another in search of a financial balance and increase in the quality of life. The first thing you should learn about the currencies of the countries you visit.

The dollar is a guide point to establish the value against other currencies. How many conversions must be made to understand the economy of each country? The most important thing is the ease with which they can be changed and accepted even in the most traditional food stalls.

A dollar has become popular for many Latinos in the world, this ease and change to the local currency, makes a common thief acquire much faster the advantage to steal them. Homes and commercial establishments can shield your building with safes to avoid surprises of thieves. It is a recommendation of the locksmiths to keep the cash under the key of an excellent locksmith.

Step through different countries

One of the lethargies of any immigrant stretch the money along his journey, the exchange rate may disadvantage their purchasing power in some cases. Before making an informal exchange of currencies it is more positive to approach a house of exchange and to finalize the transaction after consulting several entities.

All countries have different positions against the stability of their local currency. It is better to be documented and know what you should compare or what services to pay in one country or another, be it by step as immigrants or as a tourist. Whatever the case.

In fact, the value of the dollar can influence the economy in a trip for pleasure, choosing a destination over another also involves an analysis of the dollar. Not as an expert in finance, but if you establish certain comparisons that guide you to what you do not know.

Get used to the change

More doubts arise, than those that already have a person who is not in their usual environment. When is the best time to change the dollars? Where should I do it? At what rate is it acceptable?

You feel that you can not trust anyone and you have to familiarize yourself with the subject, before devaluing your money, luxury that migrants can not afford. For some countries it is better to do it in the first hour of the morning and for others at the end of the night.

Profit on the strength of the dollar

The dollar remains strong and the financial systems of other countries fall precipitously or drop by drop. Remittances to the sender of remittances to their families represent the same work effort, but it is a greater income from remittances to those who receive it, being able to survive the crisis.

The countries that receive the most remittances from relatives abroad are Mexico after India, but Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, Cuba and other countries that depend on remittances are also at the top of the list.