The 8 coin

The 8 coin

The dollar has a lot of interesting information around it that should be known. But unfortunately a certain public, focuses on just knowing about their current relationship with other currencies of the country, because their economies depend on it, as is logical.

However, for those who do not know the real of eight, also called weight of eight, strong weight, hard weight or Spanish dollar, was the first currency for worldwide use and the first legal tender in the United States. Maybe they had never heard it.

I substitute gold coins for the abundance of metal and seduced much of the world to be accepted as the main currency. Today the dollar is still one of the biggest interests of the financial world and is still as important as in those times.

History around him

Did you know that commercial transactions were made with silver in coins? It is said that initially they had a Chinese symbol to prove that they were original, these coins only accepted it as a means of payment in China.

The transportation of large quantities of reals from 8 boats from one country to another was an attraction for pirates and corsairs, so keeping the property of others protected was very difficult.

All this experience gives rise in our times of professional locksmiths, in support of physical security not only in terrestrial buildings but in mobile units such as cars as maritime vessels with locksmith products designed for it.

The Spanish dollar

The Spanish dollar was a denomination of the currency of 8 reals, created by the Catholic kings. But interestingly, it is matched at the origin of current Asian currencies, such as the Won, yuan or yen.

The information on currencies can be very confusing when it comes to consulting some digital media, even some sources point out that certain arguments may not be true in the texts. People weave information and stories very difficult to corroborate because everyone participates in these money processes.

Interesting data

The real was a coin made up of 8 pieces, in multiple of eight. There was the real currency, that of two reales, that of four reales and the eight reales currency. Each eighth of real was worth 12.5 cents and they called it a bit. The 25 cents coins are still known as two bits.

The real of 8 possessed a purity of silver of up to 93% with respect to other currencies. This was one of the causes of its consolidation as an international currency.

The shortage of gold with respect to the abundance of silver made its use feasible. It was extracted mainly from the American mines of Mexico and Bolivia, very responsible for this action was the Spanish reign that uses it to pay their debts of all kinds with many countries of the world.

It was known by different names in several countries because of its wide use. The known symbol of the dollar, it is estimated that it comes from the bands and columns of Hercules of the Spanish shield.